Upgrade Your Car Stereo With These 3 Head Units

Whether you spend a lot of time traveling in your car or just need music to get through a long a boring commute each day, choosing the best head unit for your car can allow you to jam out, stay up to date on the news and weather, or even keep on top of your favorite team’s scores. With so many head units on the market, it can be hard to determine which one will fit best with your car as well your sound system needs. If you are in the market for a new head unit, or just want to know the possibilities out there, check out one of the three best head units listed below.

Alpine Advanced Bluetooth CD Receiver (CDE164BT)

Alpine bluetooth car stereoThe Alpine Advanced Bluetooth CD Receiver provides you with the convenience of Bluetooth technology combined with the high-quality sound you can expect from Alpine. The Bluetooth technology gives you the freedom to turn your system into a streaming device for all of the popular music apps.

The unit is compatible with the exclusive TuneIt® 2.5 smartphone app that premiered in 2013. The app is extremely user-friendly and requires simple instructions to be able to adjust your sound settings to give you the music quality that you are looking for, no matter your favorite genre. You also have the abilities to share settings that were created by others so that you can use your iPhone or Android device to utilize pre-determined settings that are designed for specific types of sound.

The receiver also allows you to stay safe while driving, by allowing you to go handsfree when monitoring your Facebook incoming messages, texts, and phone calls. Text-to-speech technologies also let you respond quickly and easily.

Pioneer CD Receiver (DEHX78–BHS)

Pioneer bluetooth car stereo yorkton

This Pioneer CD receiver with enhanced audio functions includes Pioneer ARC App Compatibility, MIXTRAX®, Built-in Bluetooth®, HD Radio™ Tuner and is SiriusXM-Ready™. The Pioneer receiver allows you the convenience of hands-free calling and audio streaming giving you the ability to make calls, choose music, and use voice-to-text, all through enhanced voice recognition. The Spotify® App Control gives you the ability to control and connect your content from your iPhone or Android so you can play, skip tracks, and even browse playlists.

The Pioneer receiver also features a unique Dual Bluetooth with Guest Mode which allows you to have two phone simultaneously connected to the vehicle where they can make or receive calls or stream their favorite tunes.

Alpine DVD/CD Player (DVE5300)

Both an automotive grade DVD mechanism and CD player, the Alpine DVE5300 is easy to install and can provide drivers with all they need for their vehicle in terms of both music and entertainment. The system acts as a mobile DVD player and is compatible with multiple Alpine DVD players and other navigation receiver featuring both a video monitor and HDMI input. It supports the playback of video DVDs, Audio Cds CD-R/RWs, and DVD-R/RWs.Alpine car cd dvd player

The receiver features remote control to allow for wireless operation of the DVD player. You simply need to mount the IR receiver in a convenient location where you can point the remote and plug the remote jack into the back of the DVD player. You can also control your DVD player and its functions through the touchscreen display. You have the freedom to play, pause, stop, repeat, fast forward, skip, and choose frame by frame from either the touchscreen or remote device.

Get the sound system you have always wanted for your car and enjoy the convenience of hands-free technology by choosing one of the three car head units listed above. Contact Us to find the best model for your car. Stay safe and stay entertained all with the addition of one simple component.

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